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Supervisor:Prof. Shushan Cai, Prof. Habel


Short Biography

Hello, I’m Chunyan, Song.  Now my study direction is the philosophy of language, especially the speech acts theory.

This paper presents a model for the construction of institutional facts by speech acts based on John Searle’s concept of social ontology. Social ontology has to do with how society constitutes itself in social facts, especially institutional facts, a special class of social facts--such as government, money, education. One of the most fascinating features of institutional facts is that a very lager number of them can be created by explicit performative utterances, which are members of the class of declarative speech acts. In conclusion, I define a function which models the construction of institutional facts by declarative speech acts.

Performative utterances is a special kind of speech acts, which is widely studied in the field of natural language understanding, especially for the agent communication language.Therefore, it is important to understand the semantics and pragmatics of performative utterances.


A model for the Construction of Institutional Facts by performative utterances at CINACS Summer School 2008 in Hamburg, September 08 - 12, 2008.


Presentation of the dissertation project and the research results to date

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