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Presentation of the dissertation project and the research results to date (W.Li) Print E-mail

Presentation of the dissertation project and the research results to date:

2005-present: Research on recovering cognitive decline and synaptic density of medicine ‘X’ in AD mice. Work as a team leader, cooperating with 3 members, built up testing system (behaviour, IHC, IF, Elisa etc) for mice and compared ‘X’ with different medicine and dosages. This result proved the advantage of ‘X’.

2008.9-10.Research on the difference of Stroop test results on Chinese and German. Designed and carried out the Stroop test for Chinese and German (10 persons per group) combined with EEG collection under the guidance of my German supervisor. Analyzed the data to compare the Stroop Test results between German and Chinese as both native and non-native languages.

2005-2007: Research on how ‘X’ regulates certain genes on the hippocampus neuron cultures of rats and AD mice. Worked as a team leader, cooperating with 1 member, using the RNA of neuron culture to test the different patterns of gene expressions in almost 20 genes. Found some important genes which changes upon the different dosages of drug ‘X’.

2005-2007: Built a synapse model for medicine ‘X’. Used the simulink module in Matlab™ to build a model for pre- and post-synapses under ‘X’ and combine them to see how different concentrations regulate the plasticity of synapses. Make the model match the previous data.

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