ALUMNI Dr. Mario Maiworm


Contact Details


Department of Psychology
Institute of Biological Psychology, Neuropsychology

Hamburg, Germany

Former Supervisor:

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Röder

Research Topic

Probabilistic accounts of decisional and integrative processing under risk

Short Biography

2001-2007 Psychology at the University of Hamburg, equivalent to a master's degree ('Diplom')

04/2007 Diploma Thesis "Training und Veränderungsmessung räumlicher Gedächtnisleistungen in virtueller Umgebung" (Training and repeated measurement of spatial memory performance in virtual environment)

03/2011 Doctoral Thesis "Probabilistic accounts of integrative processing"

Research Interests

  • Bayesian modeling
  • Crossmodal Integration
  • Motivational effects on perception
  • Neuroeconomics
  • (Auditory) Steady-state response
  • Plasticity in spatial memory

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